Radiator Caps

Fitment ranges cover marques from Alfa Romeo to Zastava, with the Cooling Components range of Radiator Caps encompassing current and 2nd/3rd generation model ranges. Major advances in cooling technology see modern vehicle systems fitted with expansion tanks working at pressures in excess of 2.0 bar. For specialist applications, a design/supply service is available.

Caps are typically manufactured from zinc plated steel or stainless steel where fitted directly to the radiator, while for higher operating pressures, a different type of pressure caps, generally manufactured from plastic, are available. The function, and importance, of the radiator/expansion tank cap within a cooling system often goes unrecognised, yet it is a fundamental component. Invariably the replacement of a radiator cap is a simple and rapid fix for many coolant pressure problems. Integral to the fault-finding process, should be the replacement of an obvious component part such as the radiator cap/pressure cap.

Key Features

  • Full range of caps available
  • Zinc plated or stainless steel
  • Plastic expansion cap range
  • Special applications design/supply service
  • Technical help desk
  • Classic vehicle ranges
  • All system pressures
  • Unparalleled level of stockholding